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We proudly support Muhammad Yunus' Grameen Shikkha Scholarship Management Program. The Scholarship Management program is an education support for poor meritorious boys and girls, especially in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Life long education support is provided to the students – in the form of scholarship – to ensure that they do not drop out owing to poverty and could continue their studies uninterrupted. 

The hundreds of students being supported are high achieving students which - without the scholarship support from Grameen Shikkha - would have to drop out of studies.

Many scholars who started to receive scholarships when they were in high schools are now studying business, engineering, medicine, literature and social sciences in colleges and universities. Many of them are certainly going to emerge as social-business leaders in the near future.

Through Cognito Foundation, we have setup a fund for people to support these high achieving students that are struggling to stay in school. 100% of funds donated through Cognito Foundation go directly to the Grameen Shikkha Scholarship Management Program.

You can help by sponsoring a student and can donate anything from $5 up to a full scholarship, which covers Year 11 and 12 fees and is $720AUD.

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